Contest Tips

Hopefully this will assist you in you submission process

When Should I Submit? Submitting early avoids last minute problems.

How Are My Songs Evaluated?

Judges are given a simple rubric. 1 (lowest) 5 (highest). Music, Lyrics, Presentation (would include items such as vocal quality, live performance, produced performance), Theme (Stay on message please).. a writer can have high scores for music, lyric & presentation and not make Round 2 or Finals because of a low Theme score.

How Many Songs Should I Submit? While you are permitted to send 10 songs, sometimes choosing you best 2 or 3 is the best strategy. There are pitfalls of sending too many songs. It’s best to send multiple submissions if you want the judges to consider different styles, tempos, flavors of your songwriting.  That being said, there have been times when an artist has sent 10 songs and it wasn’t till the last song they actually advanced

I Made 2nd Round or Finals Last Year? Why didn’t I Advance Again?
A few questions to ask yourself…..

Did you submit the same songs? Did you submit the same videos? Keep it fresh people! Sometimes it’s just a different group of judges.

Why do I need a video? What kind of Video do you want?
The bulk of our prizes are performance based. We need to know you can actually play and sing on key.

Your video can be something very simple, you playing live, on your couch- Just make sure we can hear you. Nothing worse then a bunch of talking or background noise impairing our ability to hear you.  It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just clear. We DO NOT want “produced” music videos… where you’re in a field, walking down a street, or in a bar lipsyncing the produced record.

Stay on theme. If the theme is “write something inspirational”  please don’t give us a song about your car, unless its clear in the lyrics how this has inspired you.

Should I explain my Songs
The songs should speak for themselves

Pet Peeves
More then 30 seconds of strumming the same guitar chord on the intro. Please keep us engaged from the start.


Use the contest as an opportunity to write something new, and push yourself to create.